2013 Conference

Popular Music Communities, Places and Ecologies

Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University; 24-26 November 2013

Organising Committee: Dan Bendrups, Jodie Taylor, Donna Weston

Program Committee: Sarah Baker, Kate Barney, Andy Bennett, Gavin Carfoot, Jadey O’Regan, Narelle McCoy

We are pleased to announce this call for papers for the 2013 IAPSM-ANZ conference, which will be held at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, in conjunction with the International Music Council’s 5th World Forum for Music (21-24 November). The theme of the IMC World Forum is ‘Sustaining Music, Engaging Communities’ with a strong emphasis on the interplay between music, musicians and their various environments of activity (natural, built, social and cultural, etc). Drawing on this, the theme of the 2013 IASPM-ANZ conference, Popular Music Communities, Places and Ecologies seeks to foster scholarly engagement with the various ways in which music, people and place are connected. While notions of of ‘community’ and ‘place’ are well-established constructs in popular music studies, we introduce here the notion of ‘ecology’ as a further consideration in the relationship between popular music and place. This term may be understood literally, in reference to the natural or physical environment, or figuratively, as a metaphor for the numerous other possible environments of popular music production and consumption.

Abstracts for paper presentations on any aspect of this theme are invited from all researchers with an interest in popular music, regardless of disciplinary orientation. All papers detailing new and established research in the field will be considered, though preference may be given to papers that demonstrate clear engagement with the theme. Papers with a theoretical orientation are particularly encouraged, as are submissions from postgraduate students. Panel submissions of up the three papers are also welcome. Please submit your proposal as a Word doc, in plain text, with the following information (in this order):

Name of author(s) (exactly as you would like it to appear in the program)
Institution or affiliation
Contact phone number, including international codes
Consideration for 2012 IASPM-ANZ postgraduate prize?* (Yes/No)
Title of paper
3 keywords for your paper (for programming purposes)
Abstract (300 words maximum)

*The IAPSM-ANZ postgraduate prize of AUD$250 is awarded to the best postgraduate presenter at the conference, as determined by a panel of established IAPSM-ANZ members. Only current postgraduate students are eligible. Past winners may not apply.

Information on registration, accommodation and additional activities will be posted on the IASPM-ANZ website following the abstract review process. All presenters are required to be financial members of IASPM. Membership information can be found at the IASPM-ANZ webpage: www.iaspm.org.au, and will also be provided at the time of conference registration.

Deadline for submissions: 12 April 2013

Email for submissions and enquiries: iaspmanz2013@nullgriffith.edu.au


Conference Program