Conference Proceedings

IASPM ANZ Conference proceedings are peer reviewed and distributed as widely as possible. In addition to hard copy holdings in the Australian National Library, soft copies are also available via Informit.

Links to the proceedings available in full on Informit are provided below.

2013 Proceedings – Communities, Places, Ecologies. Edited by Jadey O’Regan and Toby Wren

2012 Proceedings – Shifting Sound, Musical Flow. Edited by Oli Wilson and Sarah Attfield

2011 Proceedings – Routes, Roots and Routines. Edited by Liz Giuffre and Penny Spirou

2010 Proceedings – Instruments of Change. Edited by Jennifer Catermole, Graeme Smith and Shane Homan

2009 Proceedings -What’s it Worth? Value and Popular Music. Edited by Shelley Brunt and Kirsten Zemke

2008 Proceedings – Stuck in the Middle: The Mainstream and its Discontents. Edited by Michelle Phillipov and Catherine Strong

2007 Proceedings – Music on the Edge. Edited by Dan Bendrups

2006 Proceedings –¬†Whose popular music? : Industry, Performers Fans, Edited by Ian Collinson (soon to Informit but currently in hard copy)

2005 Proceedings – Sounds and Selves. Edited by Ian Collinson and Mark Evans

2004 Proceedings – Commemoration, Commodification and Communication. Edited by Denis Crowdy

Details of earlier publications will be added here shortly.