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DrAndrew AlterMacquarie UniversityEthnomusicology, world music, popular music studies, music theory, transcultural music production, Indic musicology, Indonesian gamelan
DrKatelyn BarneyUniversity of QueenslandIndigenous contemporary music, collaborative research practices; teaching and learning Indigenous studies
Emma BaulchAustralian National UniversitySubculture, digitality, class, Indonesia,
ProfAndy BennettGriffith UniversityPopular Music - scenes, audiences, heritage; Youth Culture - identity, locality, ageing; (post)subcultural
DrGavin CarfootQueensland University of TechnologySongwriting and production; creative practice as research, music and material objects, popular music learning and teaching, intercultural music and
Leigh CarriageSouthern Cross UniversityVocal performance, vocal improvisation techniques, vocal artistry, vocal pedagogy and vocal recording
DrIanCollinsonMacquarie Universitypopular music, politics, identity; place and space; psychogeography
DrStephen EpsteinVictoria University of WellingtonKorean popular music
Assoc. ProfMark EvansUniversity of Technology SydneyFilm music, film sound, religious music, artistic development, genre, small island cultures
DrPeter FreemanUniversity of QueenslandJazz, Jobim, Brazil, Strings, Rhythmic nuance, Swing
Annalise FriendUniversity of WollongongHip hop, self-branding,
DrLizGiuffreUniversity of Technology SydneyPopular music television, fandom, audiences, screen sound, (post)broadcast, performance practice and reception
LauraGlitsosCurtin UniversityPopular music and gender; popular music journalism; popular music and Web
DrApril K. HendersonVictoria University of WellingtonPacific Islands diaspora, migration, and performing arts; hip hop and Afrodiasporic popular culture
Assoc. ProfShane HomanMonash UniversityMusic policy, cultural policy, popular music history, cultural cities
DrDiane HughesMacquarie UniversityVoice, singing, popular music, performance, pedagogy, industries, production, film sound.
ProfBruceJohnsonMacquarie UniversityCultural history as sound and sound as cultural history, Australian studies, popular music diasporic music, jazz
ProfHenryJohnsonUniversity of OtagoJapan, New Zealand, diaspora, instruments, language and music
Anthony LindenJonesSydney Conservatorium of MusicFilm music, semiotics, popular music, Australian composition
DrSarahKeithMacquarie UniversityKorean popular
DrBrentKeoghMacquarie University
DrLinda KouvarasUniversity of MelbourneGender studies in music; popular music since the 1960s; sound art
Elaine LallyUniversity of Technology, SydneyDigital culture, online collaboration; vernacular creativity; home recording
Andrea LowUniversity of AucklandPopular Hawaiian music, exoticism, de-colonisation, gender, agency, indigenous
DrSean Martin-IversonUniversity of Western AustraliaPolitics of cultural production and performance, Indonesian hardcore punk, music scenes and subcultures, global underground music networks, DIY production, popular music in the Asia-Pacific
DrPhillip McIntyreUniversity of NewcastleCreativity, cultural production, popular music, songwriting, record
AlexMeskerMacquarie UniversityCartoon
DrEdMontanoRMIT UniversityElectronic dance music, club culture, DJs, music industry, music technology
DrGuy MorrowMacquarie UniversityCreativity research: the psychology of creativity, group creativity and managing creativity, music video, career development in the new music industries
Karl NeuenfeldtIndependent ResearcherAustralian Indigenous Music and Studio
PatO'GradyMacquarie UniversitySongwriting practices, recording practices, recording technologies
Paul 'Nazz' OldhamUniversity of South AustraliaPopular music, pub rock, youth culture, Australian history, popular
DrMichelle PhillipovUniversity of TasmaniaHeavy and extreme metal
DrRobin RyanWestern Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan UniversityAustralian Aboriginal instruments and popular music traditions, ecomusicology,
ShannonSaidUniversity of Western SydneyDiaspora communities, Contemporary Christian songwriting, Maori cultural expression, bilingual cultural expression
DrAline Scott-MaxwellMonash UniversityMusic of migration; multiculturalism; Australian musical engagements with Asia; Indonesian music; Italian-Australian popular music; Jewish-Australian music
DrPierre-Emmanuel SeguinIndependent ResearcherJazz history and analysis, modal jazz, jazz in Australia, UK,
DrPenny SpirouMacquarie UniversityFilm studies, biopics, popular culture, social media and biography, media representation and life
DrCatherine StrongMonash UniversityCultural memory,
DrJodieTaylorGriffith UniversityPopular music and identity; gender, sexuality and queer theory; scenes and subcultures; ethnography and insider research
SarahTaylorRMIT UniversityLive music, maps, history and geography of live music, history and geography of musicians
Nick TippingNew Zealand School of MusicJazz, identity, New Zealand
music, Wellington, authenticity
Botond VitosMonash UniversityElectronic dance music, mediation, dance floor, techno,
Naomi von SenffMusic and poltics, performance, vampire fiction, gothic literature and
DrDonna WestonQueensland Conservatorium, Griffith UniversityPopular music in the context of: ethnic and local identity, philosophies of place, Pagan studies, ecomusicology, esoteric music philosophy
DrAndrew WhelanUniversity of WollongongRave and electronic dance music, death metal; industrial and noise music; digitisation of music, online music subcultures; digital music collecting; music and gender
DrJohn WhiteoakMonash UniversityImprovisatory music; Latin, Spanish and African-American inflected popular musics in Australia; Italian-Australian popular
DrKirsten ZemkeUniversity of AucklandHip hop, New Zealand hip hop, Pacific pop music, Rock and Roll, the ‘in-between’ years,
DrNatalieLewandowskiGriffith UniversitySoundtracks, screen sound, music supervision, film composers, sound post-production personnel, below-the-line workers, media communication, creative industries
Rosemary OverellUniversity of Otagomusic and belonging
metal studies
music and masculinity
asian popular music
japanese popular music
SamWhitingRMITPlace-based live music scenes, small venues, Melbourne's live music scene, music & masculinity, metal & hardcore, cultural memory; scenes and subcultures; ethnography and insider research; cultural and live music policy