Publication and Postgraduate Prizes

Publication Prizes

Since 2012 IASPM-ANZ has awarded two Publication Prizes.

The Rebecca Coyle Prize is awarded to the best paper on popular music in the Australia-New Zealand region in a given year. The prize is named in honour of long time IASPM ANZ member Rebecca Coyle in commemoration of her work advancing popular music studies and mentoring emerging academic talent.

The Open Publication Prize is awarded to the best paper examining aspects of popular music from outside the Australia-New Zealand region in a given year.

Both prizes are awarded by a panel of senior IASPM-ANZ members. Members interested in being considered for either category of the prize should keep an eye on the mailing list or contact one of the executive (with calls for submissions usually happening mid year).

Eligibility – You must be a current IASPM-ANZ member. Only one submission per member per prize. Submissions must be peer-reviewed academic texts (monograph, journal article or book chapter) with a publication date within the range 1 January – 31 December of the previous year. Incumbent IASPM-ANZ Executive members are ineligible. In the case of a co-authored article, both authors must agree to the publication being entered.

Past Winners- Publication Prize

2010 (inaugural): 

Ase Ottosson, (2009): “Playing with Others and Selves: Australian Aboriginal Desert Musicians on Tour”, The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, v10n2, pp 98-114. 


Åse Ottosson (2010): “Aboriginal Music and Passion: Interculturality and Difference in Australian Desert Towns”, Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology, v75n3, pp 275 – 300.

2012: Aust-NZ Regional Prize

Tony Mitchell (2011); “Songlines and timelines through Auckland: music in the ‘Queen City’”, in Glanda Keam & Tony Mitchell (eds), Home Land and Sea: Situating Music in Atearoa New Zealand, Pearson Education, Auckland, pp. 116-132.

2012: Open Prize (inaugural)

Emma Baulch (2011): “God Bless come back: New experiments with nostalgia in Indonesian Rock”, Perfect Beat, v12n2, pp 129-46.

2013:  Rebecca Coyle (previously the regional prize)   

Jodie Taylor (2012): Playing it Queer: Popular music, identity and queer world-making, Peter Lang, Oxford.

No Open Prize awarded

Postgraduate Prize

The Postgraduate Prize is awarded to the best paper presented by a postgraduate at the annual IASPM-ANZ conference. Members register their interest in being considered for the prize prior to the annual conference, and are assessed during the conference by an expert panel of senior IASPM ANZ Members. Please be sure to tick the ‘post graduate prize’ box when you register for the conference if you are interested in being considered for this prize.

Past winners - Postgrad prize.

2013 – Amy Bauder

2012 – Rosemary Overell

2011 – Oli Wilson

2010 – Botond Vitos

2009 – Julie Rickwood

2008 – Michael Brown

2007 – Michelle Phillipov

2006 – Becky Shepherd

2005 – Shelley Brunt

2004 - Mel Campbell